23/02/2024, Amsterdam

“The First Flower” is Astrit Ismaili's debut album to be released on 23 February 2024. The project delves into the themes of survival and blossoming through transformation, challenging and surpassing prevailing narratives in pop culture. It narrates the tale of the first flower on Earth, embodying fluid sexuality. The album probes into beauty standards, gender dysphoria, the commodification of nature, and queer realities through a fusion of hyper-pop, gabber, glam, and sound design. Ultimately, it emphasizes how creativity aids in transcending intrinsic limits to existence.


Composition and lyrics: Astrit Ismaili
Featuring: Mykki Blanco, Colin Self
Music producers: Colin Self, Europa, Katu, Lotic, Nömak, Obsequeen, Tim Roth, Vincent Arp, Zgjim
Mixing: Alexander Bornschein
Mastering: Jannis Bentler
Artwork: Ville Vidø
Styling: GH
HMU: Elvi
Prosthetist and assistant: Simon Marsiglia
Garments: Wang Consulting, Tra My Nguyen, Sėrėna
PR: Modern Matters
Executive Production: Lily Matras
Supported by the Upstream: Music X Design grant of the Creative Industries fund NL
Produced by The Performance Agency