The Performance Agency is dedicated to the curation and production of site-specific performance formats. Since its initiation in 2017, it has been informed by the artistic esprit of the avant-gardes at the origins of performance art.

In a firm belief in the transformative powers of art, The Performance Agency lives in a continuation of their energies – uniting artists from all fields to create collective spaces of experience that draw our attention to interstices, to the inexplicable, to the beauty of the everyday.

Upon invitation by Supportico Lopez, The Performance Agency curated the public program of the Archivio Conz - a collection of more than 3,000 works by late-20th-century avant-garde artists collected and produced by Italian publisher and collector Francesco Conz. Instead of reenacting the past, the program invited contemporary artists to enter a dialogue with the spirit of the time and lead to the development of The Performance Agency’s signature formats: Carefully staged performances arranged within an overall storytelling that allow audiences to traverse a world of imagination. The combination of historical references and an attentive orientation towards the future continues to guide the work.

Past and future collaborations include: Fitzpatrick Gallery (Paris), Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art (Copenhagen), Paris Internationale, Berlin Art Week, Curated By (Wien), Hermès (Paris), Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection (Paris), Mamco (Geneva), Caviar (Paris, Brussels, L.A.), KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), Krone/Couronne (Biel/Bienne).

We now have studios in Berlin, Paris, Geneva and Vienna.

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Astrit Ismaili, Miss Kosovo (Fragment of MISS), during Another Map to Nevada Berlin, 2020. Photo by Melanie Glück.


Yael Salomonowitz
Founder and director

Lily Matras
Associate director

Isadora Soares Belletti

Photo by Reto Schmid in collaboration with Amadeus Vogelsang and Robin Brass for Another Map to Nevada Berlin 2020.


Nautical Nirvana, Spike, October 2021, by Eliza Levinson

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Curated by, Spike, September 2021, by Vanessa Joan Müller

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Breaking the waves: Another Map to Nevada, Provence Magazine, May 2021, interview by Alma Manssur

Another Map to Nevada, Art Papers, September 2020, by Mohammad Salemy

Sie paddeln sich frei, Zeit Online, August 2020

Wiedereintritt in die Kunstatmosphäre, Die Welt, July 2020, by Anne Waak

"Between Points"Nachtfahrt mit Waschbä, monopol, September 2018


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