THE CLOCKWORK (privately public, publicly private)

16/10 20/10/2019, Paris

with Prioux & Peixoto, Manfred & Agnès Sternjakob, Ramo Zeroual, Antoine Matras a.k.a Pancake, Tarren Johnson and Joel Cocks, Nobuaki Fuji, Jean-Pierre Cheve, Frederik Schmidt, Violaine Sourisse, Sarah Niblack, Dan Bodan, Yann Toma and Baudouin Jannink, Roberte La Rousse, Mikael Cvijić, Claudia Hill, Marcelo Alcaide, Lulëzim Ukaj and Luciano Floridi, Victor & Alexandre Carril, Raphaële Lenseigne, Lycée Autogéré de Paris, Kaspar Müller, Tenzing Barshee, Martha Kirszenbaum, Amadeus Vogelsang, Chloé Luchs-Tassé and Martin Morales, HULFE, François Levin, Antoine Héraly and Hugo Villard, Philippe Moscato KATEL, Cyril Duval, Morgane Dubled and Hanna Putz, Sinziana Ravini and Aurélie Galdis, Louise Siffert, Esben Weile Kjaer, Klima Magazine and Emanuele Coccia, Fani Zguro, Ali Rabeh , R.O. Fitzpatrick, Frances Stark and Patricio Lima Quintana

The Clockwork was an interactive TV Studio that took shape in the retro-futuristic stage House of Trouble (H.O.T.) by artist Stephanie Stein. The Clockwork invited the public to speak out on the notion of transformation. The speeches were recorded and streamed live at the fair and on the TV channel Souvenirs From Earth. The Clockwork approaches the speech in the widest sense of the word, as declamations can be sung, silenced, or translated into body movements. The speech became performance, became manifest.

Documented by Shameless Eye