by Juliette Blightman
14/06/2022, Basel

‘Once more...with Feeling’, is a liberation. Spaces and rooms once allocated for specific functions coexist seamlessly for any purpose. We are able to dance in swimming pools, gardens, toilets and bedrooms and whilst inevitably, there is no way to truly see oneself, water produces a reflection of order and imaginary words, narratives that transcend time and space.

A performance in the pool with artistic swimmers of the Schwimmverein Beider Basel.

The BASEL SOCIAL CLUB took place during the art fair week, June 13 - 19, 2022, at The Beverly Holz: a 1930s villa on the Bruderholz. Artworks by over 50 international and local artists were exhibited throughout the three floors and the garden of The Beverly Holz, ac- companied by a restaurant, a café, a cocktail bar and a swimming pool.

The BASEL SOCIAL CLUB drew inspiration from time-honored institutions such as The Arts Club (1863) in London or the National Arts Club (1898) in New York, and offered a venue for professional exchange and conversation; inviting visitors to spend time with and around artwork, to meet friends and colleagues, or to simply relax by the pool during the busy week. A public program of performances and other events took place daily.

Documented by Hannah Weinberger and Lucas Zitzer