in collaboration with Allegria Torassa

17/04 — 18/04/2022, Paris 

with Joseph Schiano Di Lombo, Juliette Blightman , EXPAT (Mykki Blanco and Samuel Acevedo ), HIGHER MINDS (Samson Baya, Julian Hernando Garcia de Gainza , Edouard Plongeon), Broodoo Ramses, Yesh, TASH LC, Pandoras Jukebox B2B Low Jack, Alpina Huus with Hugo Canoilas, Elise Lammer, Julie Monot, and Mia Sanchez

MASS PLAY I — was the first edition of our new series of events where performance art meets the club scene. A carefully curated and woven production from all over the world by The Performance Agency in collaboration with Allegria Torassa. MASS PLAY merges these two different worlds in an all encompassing experience, in which dreams and reality are of equal appraisal. The series draws from the club as a space of fantasy and the transformative power of performance to turn the night to a world of unlimited imagination, from dusk till dawn. Audiences move through a space reappropriated by each performance.

Documnted by Siddhu & Diana Ayanna and Laury Lapuly.