16/10/2020, Paris

with Lafawndah & Crystallmess with Klein, Trustfall, Christian Yav, Abdullah Mimiaway & Simo Cell, Chouf and Dourane Fall

DEDICATED.PURE.SONIC.CURE. was an evening of meditative delights and improvisations opening up intimate musical landscapes. Within the ethereal atmosphere of Oscar Niemeyer’s building, the artists immersed the audience into a collective dream, reviving the idea of music as a remedy for our souls, celebrating sound as a barometer of the present.

The format of the MASS was first created in collaboration with Supportico Lopez and Archivio Conz in Berlin. It unites performances from diverse genres within an overall immersive dramaturgy allowing the audience to traverse a world of imagination.

Documented by Benjamin Carrot and Margot Montigny