17/10  21/10/2018, Paris

with Ken Renaldi, Loren Sturtevant, Camille Alena [{“CIBELLE”(CAVALLI}BASTOS)], Daniel Baumann, Lily McMenamy, Maria Edileuza Fontenelle Reis, Mark Fitzpatrick, Alfons Klosterfelde, Darling O., Oluwafemi Oladeji, Caique Tizzi, Lulëzim Ukaj, Diamond Stingly, Eric Wesley, Theodosiois T., Evie Blightman

Conversation Piece I was a public program conceived by The Performance Agency for the 4th edition of Paris Internationale that took place under the magnified skirt of Marie-Antoinette, a stage, changing room and hideaway created by Maria Loboda. The structure of the ball gown functioned as a public pavilion for a series of one-on-one private conversations between the audience and invited experts from a variety of fields. Within the comfort and privacy of the Boudoir, the conversations could unfold their deep and singular transformational potential.

The Performance Agency was invited back to curate the public program for Paris Internationale V in 2019 with the interactive TV studio,  ‘The Clockwork ( privately public, publicly private ).

Documnted by Luis Artemio de los Santos