02/07 — 04/07/2020, Berlin

with Mathis Altmann, Juliette Blightman, Thea Djordjadze, Enantios Dromos & Pedro Ferreira, R.O. Fitzpatrick, FRZNTE, Astrit Ismaili, Bill Kouligas, Adrian Piper, Jimmy Robert, Colin Self, Slim Soledad & Nkisi, Sergei Tcherepnin, Caique Tizzi, Amadeus Vogelsang & Robin Brass and Solidarity Masks by HULFE

« Immediately after departure, the body is released from its shell, floating unscathed… wielding the chaos energy something else is born from the spirit, no name just resembling something else from the background, once coming to the front, regular to only itself, there is no name to be memorized or something to become the desire that drives an illegible focus something regulated by itself and nothing else, like a visual field but not one that knows what it was born from, just something ever so slight emerging in the darkness, someone once saw it, incredibly bright, never said its name, it was born then, knew it would die, and some days it would just stay waiting to be discovered or found while at the same time understanding it was never meant to be known. Perhaps this is why something remains here in the dark. […] Someone else said it, the NAME! NO! Not my name, the name is not something I have and I prefer to keep it that way. »
            - Colin Self, Narrator on board

Another Map to Nevada’ is a site-specific performative boat ride taking the audience on a mesmerizing journey through a city’s waterways. Like the MASS, it is a signature format of The Performance Agency. On board, a spheric soundtrack and the tales of a narrator invite them to look up as they pass by performance pieces unfolding along the riverbeds and bridges. In the movement, the urban landscape becomes a stage for a cinematic experience immersing the viewer into an ever-changing present.

In the wake of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the production came to a halt.  Yet, in a belief that collective experiences are needed more than ever, the project was reshaped in close collaboration with the health authorities to adapt to the new presentation constraints.

Its first iteration, ‘Between Points’, was produced in collaboration with Archivio Conz in Berlin in the fall of 2018. Special thanks to Stefania Palumbo and Gigiotto Del Vecchio.

Documented by Melanie Glück and Luis Artemio de los Santos