Ten Steps to Heaven
in collaboration with Archivio Conz & Supportico Lopez


Peter Punk
Victor and Alexandre Carril

Poetry reading by Alex Housset
during Clockwork at Paris Internationale V, 2019

Film by Shameless Eye

Hommage to Oskar Salomonowitz

Mit Filmausschnitten aus:
Spanien, 2012
Der Junge wird beschnitten, 2016
Tut es weh?, 2016
Dieser Film ist ein Geschenk, 2019

Films by Anja Salomonowitz

I come to take you home
by Mira Winding

Excerpt of performance work by Mira Winding I come to take you home during Another Map to Nevada Copenhagen, 2021

Footage by Luis Artemio de los Santos

Have You Ever Been Afraid
by Esben Weile Kjaer

Performance during Clockwork at V Paris Internationale, 2019

Film by Shameless Eye